Obama Blamed by Trump for Russia’s Crimea Annexation, Release of 122 Gitmo Prisoners

President Donald J. Trump of the United States has squarely blamed the former US President, Barack Obama, for Russian annexation of Crimea. In his Tweet, he claimed that Russia took advantage of a weak US administration under Obama and simply overran Crimea. He also claimed that the Obama administration has released 122 lethal prisoners who returned to the battlefield and fought against US interests.

Gitmo release

The last claim was not substantiated by the US president. According to informed sources, the statement was in all probability a misinterpreted report given by Director of National Intelligence in 2016. The report said that out of a total of 693 former detainees, 122 were confirmed to have re-engaged in insurgent or terrorist activities. In percentage terms, it comes ton 18 percent of total prisoners released from Guantanamo Bay prison.

What President Trump did not disclose was that only nine of the detainees -coming to six percent- got released at the Obama administration helmed Washington. In fact, the Republican administration under President George Bush freed a vast majority of the re-engaged combat prisoners. The report continued on to say that other than them, 86 more prisoners, coming to 12 percent of the total, were also suspected of resorting to terrorism, but such allegations could not be verified. The Guantanamo Bay facility housed 779 prisoners in an indefinite detention sans any trial. There were reports of torture and abuse.

Russian invasion

The Trump outburst happened after Russia declined to return the territory of Crimea to Ukraine. The US President thought Russia will return the territory-comprising a peninsula adjusting the Black Sea- to be returned to Ukraine. Moscow, in its defense, said that majority of Crimeans have voted to be included as Russians. The Ukrainian Government, however, said the referendum was not an honest one. It alleged that the Crimeans were compelled to vote for staying as Russian citizens after the peninsula was forcefully occupied by the Russian army. It also alleged that Viktor Yanukovych, the former President of Ukraine, and a known Russian sympathizer, was thrown out by the people, Kiev wants Moscow to return Crimean territory.

Russian annexation of Crimea took place in 2014. The invasion pushed the European Union and the United States to put in sanctions on Russia. This action plunged relations between Russia and the West to new low levels, last seen during the Cold War period.

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