Obama-care: Under the Scanner Yet Again

Obama-care has been the anathema of the Republican Party. In addition to the Republican Party, there have been extreme right wing conservatives who detest the Affordable Healthcare Act, and have been actively chastising the act as a form of renewed entitlement that has been ongoing in the American healthcare system. Many conservatives have claimed that the Affordable Healthcare Act has been siphoning money from the actual healthcare treasury by providing unnecessary and unsubstantiated health coverage to undeserving candidates.

The Affordable Healthcare Act has become one of the most contentious issues in the twilight of President Obama’s administration. With the wind of conservatism that seems to be sweeping across the United States of America, the conservative backed states have been putting up an intransigent fight to disallow the Affordable Healthcare Act from being effective, or implemented in their state. Various conservative states such as Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina and Louisiana have been actively stonewalling the Affordable Healthcare Act from being implemented in the state, through state legislature. The Affordable Healthcare Act has also become a highly contentious topic, and a political battleground for the upcoming Presidential elections.

The Kaiser Family Foundation has been actively monitoring the people’s opinion of the Affordable Healthcare Act. The foundation has recently published alarming figures that decry the supposed popularity of Obama-care. After the implementation of Medicaid, a state styled medical coverage policy, the popularity of Obama-care seems to be waning. However, many critics claim that the Kaiser Family Foundation is one of the most partisan organization, and would deliberately disseminate misinformation. 

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