Obama Claims US is Safer Now than Before

In his interview with CNN, President Barack Obama answered questions related to his office as the Commander in Chief of the US military. The program was hosted by Jack Tapper on September 28. The president was asked by one audience member of his refusal to use the “radical Islamic terrorist” term when it came to describe the terrorist activities of Islamic State and Al-Qaeda against American citizens and the US state.

Un-coalescing crime

Obama replied that he does not do so as he did not wish to lump a few murderers with billions of peaceful Muslims living around the world. He reminded the audience that the former kills children and take sex slaves- actions which cannot be supported by any kind of religious rationale.

A number of the president’s political opponents, which includes Donald Trump, the Republican Presidential candidate, have severely criticized Obama for not using the radical Islamic terrorism term. They said that this stance of the president indicates that he is soft on the issue of terrorism.

Fighting terrorism

President Obama talked on a number of other issues as well. One of them was on combating terrorism. He told the compere that despite the apparent rise in terror attacks, the actual number of terrorist related activities around the world has not much increased. Obama said that terrorist organizations now find it much harder to conduct big attacks and pointed out that actual danger comes from so called “lone wolf” terrorists. These individual attacks are extremely hard to foresee and act. Obama went further and said that it is important to destroy the Islamic state. The terrorist organization is poisoning vulnerable minds to expand their poisonous idea.

The president also spoke of a “political vote” within Congress to override the veto he has done. The said bill permits families of victims who died in the 9/11 attack to take legal action against Saudi Arabia. Obama said that the vote was established by lawmakers afraid of being seen against the 9/11 families in an election year, and has nothing to do with the well-being of the United States.

President Obama also spoke about the limitations of any military action. He said that although the United States has the world’s best military, there are limits to effective utilization of military power. He mentioned Syria and said that it is imperative to make both warring sides understand that their fighting has only destroyed Syria itself and a political and diplomatic solution are urgently required.

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