Obama Encourages Vote for Clinton

The United States of America is governed by a federal state of politics that is divided into the executive, legislative and the judicial wings. The President of America is at the helm at the executive bench. Given the fact that the federal government structure is ‘on-the-play’ here, without the need for a king or queen, the head of the union is chosen to run the nation through an electoral vote. Using this to keep on at things as he moves on towards a life free from the presidential core, President Obama is making certain that he encourages citizens to vote for Hillary Clinton. With the series of stories that have been doing the rounds about the email controversy, he believes that innuendo does not have a bearing on the election. Hillary, in his opinion, is the right person to take over from where he leaves. Donald is using his trump card in making the most out of the email story and encouraging voters to get out there and make America great again. The point here is that both players are in this to make sure that they do not lose.

What is in it for the American people – is it going to be business as usual when either assumes office or is it going to be petty politics. From the point of view of the federal structure political scene, the average person who lives in America desires suitable job opportunities, a good economy and the freedom to live life on their own terms. There is a pressing need to deal with jobs, high rates of taxes, transparency and so on and so forth. The point here is whether the brand of the federal structure of politics in America is going to be well run or with a view to belittling the other person down the line. Aside from all the ‘hoo-ha’ that has been on the rise across social media and other forms of media, many countries want a decent way to establish trade between nations. If there is a firm focus on stopping immigrants from coming in and encouraging vendetta based tools, the voter may just lose out hope until the next election. In many of the key states where both parties have made their mark, there is a hope that the next President of the world’s largest economy will be tolerant and will not drive a hard bargain.

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