Obama Lashes Out At Trump During Conference

President Barack Obama delivered some of the harshest criticism of Donald Trump yet on Tuesday. Obama clearly stated that Trump was unfit for presidency and asked Republican party leaders to withdraw their support for Trump. The statements  were made at a joint press conference with Singapore’s Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, at the White House.

Trump is unfit

Obama called out Trump for his recent comments and those that have been made throughout Trump’s campaign. The most recent controversies that Trump has been involved in, are his comments against an American Muslim soldier’s parents, his backing of Russia and  his comments against the NATO treaty. Obama called him out on all of these comments and said that Trump had not idea what he was talking about when it came to Asian, European or Middle Eastern issues.

Trump has received backlash for criticizing Khizr and Ghazala Khan. The Khans took the stage during the DNC last week to talk about their son’s sacrifice for the country. Their son, Humayun Khan, was an US army captain in Iraq and died in combat in 2004. Mr Khan used this to call out Trump with regard to his statements against Muslims and denounce his proposed ban on Muslims from entering the country. Mr Khan also doubted whether Trump had read the constitution. Trump then held a controversial interview where he claimed to be “viciously attacked” by Mr Khan and implied that Mrs Khan didn’t speak on stage, because her religion wouldn’t allow it. He went to say that he had made a lot of sacrifices in life in response to Mr Khan’s comments.

Obama blatantly admitted that although he did have policy disagreements with previous contenders, he never thought them to be unfit for presidency. He went to say that if either McCain or Romney had won the elections, he would’ve supported them regardless of differing views. The same clearly does not apply for Trump in Obama’s book.

Obama further asked prominent Republican members to withdraw their support for Trump. Various Republican leaders have been distancing themselves from Trump’s comments but have not withdrawn their support. One of these leaders is former Presidential candidate, John McCain, who denounced Trump’s attacks against the Khans. Obama urged him and other leaders to withdraw support stating that there must be a point when Republicans say “enough is enough”.

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