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Obama Leads First Memorial Day with Zero War in Last 14 Years

President Barack Obama honored soldiers in the US Memorial Day when the country is not battling foes on the ground in the last 14 years. He was leading the remembrance ceremony held every year for fallen American forces. It must be said that American troops continue to be stationed in Afghanistan even now.

Remembering the brave

The President laid a wreath at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and praised US servicemen for their courage, honor and selflessness evident in every war, beginning from the Revolutionary war the country fought against Britain to recently ended fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. Before the ceremony started, the Obama administration advertised the event as maiden Memorial Day ceremony from the end of its ground war in Afghanistan. More than 2,200 American troops met an untimely death since 2001.

President Obama gave a speech on May 25 to approximately 5,000 people who had gathered at the Arlington National Cemetery. He noted that this day was first Memorial Day within a span of 14 years where American forces were not entangled in any major ground war.

Gratitude for freedom

The cemetery was described by Obama as hallowed ground, not simply a place of resting for heroes but also mirroring the history of America and wars being waged for democracy. He pointed out that the nation has endured due to the sacrifices made by Americans who rest under these beautiful hills and also in a number of sacred grounds across the nation and also around the globe. The president said that each un-embellished stone marker, that are arranged in a perfect military precision, embodies the cost of blessings now being enjoyed by those who live. He pointed out that this debt can never be fully repaid, but the nation should not stop its efforts to fully repay and the nation must be one worthy of the sacrifice. 

President Obama said that a majority of Americans do not fully comprehend the sacrifice made by one percent serving in volunteer military. He said that very few persons would understand the feeling to take a bullet to save a friend or live with the knowledge that another person took a bullet to save you. He said that military families are intimately aware of the situation. 

Obama said that he could hear the pride through the tears of the servicemen and their families as they go through old photographs and run fingers over their shiny medals. Their hearts though broken, continued to be full of love.