Obama Rallies for a Public Healthcare Insurance Option

President Obama has renewed talks about his public healthcare policy once again. In his talk with Congress this week, he has brought up his national healthcare law. This time, there will be a state sponsored insurance that works alongside the private offers.

An article was published in the American Medical Association’s Journal authored by the President on this. The article highlighted how the Affordable Care Act had made it possible for most people enrolled to get access to quality care at affordable prices throughout the country.

Republican opposition

For the most part, the republican vehemently opposed the idea as they always have. They have tried time and time again to keep this policy out of the law as much as possible. The President said that several such challenges still remain. In the article, Obama has pointed out that it is still possible for the insurance policies to work alongside private providers especially in states and regions where competition is not as heavy. Public programs work around administrative overheads by getting better prices for the same care that would have cost everyday people a lot more or may not be covered by private insurance providers.

In the original Obamacare, the public option that is being discussed now did not make it into the final legislation the first time time around. The opposition was strong from the Republican side as well as from select Democrats.


Since the Affordable Care Act became a law in 2010, the uninsured people in the USA dropped from 16% in 2010 to 9.1% in 2015. While that seems quite impressive, the same statistic shows that of all those registered with exchanges 12% of those are from regions where there are only one or two health insurance providers. In such areas, Obamacare can make a real difference as people will now have a way to get insured, he said. In the same article, he raised the issue of assistance for purchase coverage, which can help families of the middle income groups to continue paying their premiums.

The price of prescription drugs, which in the year 2014 alone rose by 12% is still a major problem for those who are sick and in need of them on a daily basis. Apart from the ACA, the President also called for action against drug manufacturers and make their production processes more transparent, therby justifying the costs placed on life saving drugs. 

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