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Obama’s Daughters and Washington Decorum

Democrats, Republicans, Obama, DaughtersDemocrats and Republicans in Washington have little in common these days. However, one thing both the sides agree on is never to intrude upon the President’s personal life, as far as his children are concerned. However, a young aide of the GOP learned not to break this decorum, the hard way.

Elizabeth Lauten, who worked as Congressional Communications Director, lost her job when she dissed about the appearance of the two daughters of the President. Her action shocked many, including Republicans. According to Myra Gutin of Rider University, it was unbelievable that any person could have attacked children in such a manner. Gutin is the professor of Communications at the University.

Without precedence

Irrelevant comments, however are not unheard of. All presidential daughters, like Bush twins, Jenna and Barbara, Chelsea Clinton  and Amy Carter, were once subjected to mockery and even scrutiny. However, it has been noted by experts that such incidences are now subject to close examination by the instant commentary and hyper-opinionated social media universe. Although a number of kids have spent a part of their life in White House’s secure walls, the experience of the twins was rare in their kind.

Anita  McBride in her previous role as chief of staff of Laura Bush, the former First Lady, had experienced the same in the past. She had also worked with former Presidents George H.W Bush and Reagan. McBride admitted that for the children it is hard to avoid  participating in public events with their influential parents.

Decorum remains

Even in Washington, where politicians leave no punches, and their junior aides attack political opponents through Twitter, a large number of them were left confused by Lauten’s actions. They wonder whether she thought that her post would be seen only by her friends? Or if she was trying to start a debate.

Stephen Fincher, a US Rep, and Lauten’s former boss did not comment on what his other staffs called a matter involving personnel. In contrast, her previous boss, Joe Walsh and former GOP Rep were more forthcoming. During a radio interview, he told his interviewer that Lauten was a nice person who was quite savvy with Twitter and Facebook. It was his impression that she was much experienced in the use of social media. Walsh criticized Lauten during the interview, saying that his former aide should not have attacked the President’s daughters.

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