Obama says Republicans abandoning Trump too late for such a decision

President Barack Obama during his three campaigns in Nevada for Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton tore into Joe Heck, the Representative of Nevada and a Republican, for the latter’s party failure to throw their Republican Party presidential nominee, Donald Trump out of the presidential race. The president wanted to undermine Republican candidates who are in weak ground among voters due to their association with Trump.

President for Democratic candidates

The president’s aggressive tone in the Nevada race was partly due to his support for Catherine Cortez Masto, who is slated to succeed the soon to be retired Democratic ex state attorney general Harry Reid. Obama’s plan was to widen the argument so that one size fits all. His argument will not only tarnish Donald Trump, but also a considerable number of Republicans. The president said that he understand that Joe Heck now feels that the latter should not have said words supporting Trump- especially when the real estate billionaire’s poll numbers are falling. Obama said that it is now too late for Heck to not support Trump.

Obama asked the assembled audience to vote for Clinton. He said that if Clinton does not get the presidency, all the good work done during his presidency will go to waste. The current president has passionately campaigned for Clinton. He traveled to competitive states at least two times a week for campaigning and also for raising funds. During speeches, he reminds the audience that Trump is totally unfit for the presidency while Clinton is well qualified for the highest post of the land. He heavily criticized Heck, labeling him as a person under the shadow of the right wing Koch brothers.

Opening the door wider

The president always had the plan to campaign for Clinton, knowing well that the only way to keep what he has done is to make Clinton the president. However, recent events have expanded his ambition further. He is now making every effort to trounce the Trump led Republicans across the United States. To this end, he had attacked Senator Marco Rubio, the Florida Republican, for the latter’s condemnation of Trump sans withdrawal of endorsement. Obama said that Rubio is clearly a hypocrite as shown by his actions.

In Nevada, the Republican situation is different from Florida. Heck discontinued his support for Trump after the emergence of the tap that showed Trump boast about groping and kissing women sans their consent.

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