Obama to Attend 9-11 Remembrance Ceremony

President Barack Obama of the United States will attend the Pentagon ceremony to be held on September 11. The date marks the 15th anniversary relating to the 9-11 attacks. The day falls on a Sunday. According to the White House, General Joseph Dunford and Ash Carter, the Defense Secretary will attend the ceremony. Dunmon is the chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff.

No visit by presidential candidates

In contrast, both of the presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, have no plans to attend this event. According to Michael Frazier, the spokesperson for National September 11 Memorial & Museum, his organization has not heard from any of the candidates when it comes to their attendance. Officials of the museum clarified that no formal invitations were made to either of the two candidates.

The 9-11 terrorist attacks killed almost 3,000 individuals in the Pentagon, New York City and Pennsylvania locations. The Muslim militant group, al-Qaida, carried out the crime. Osama bin-Laden was the founder of the group. The Pentagon victims died when a jetliner belonging to American Airlines crashed into the distinctive five sided building. The crash site was Arlington, Virginia. In retaliation, President Obama authorized a raid in Pakistan which subsequently led to the killing of Bin Laden by American Special Forces during a raid in May 2011.

New trend

This non-attendance of the memorial service by presidential candidates is a new trend. Even a few years before, candidates aspiring for the White House have carved time from their busy schedules to remember the many individuals who died in the aircraft crashes in Pennsylvania, World Trade Center and Pentagon. In 2008, Senator John McCain and the then Senator Barack Obama appeared jointly at the Manhattan site.

Even during his re-election campaign, Obama visited Pentagon in 2012. Mitt Romney, the Republican contender at that time, also met first responders in Nevada and Illinois. George W. Bush, the former president, during his re-election in 2004, attended the remembrance service that was held in Washington’s St. John’s Episcopal Church. He concentrated on businesses concerning the White House while his Democratic rival, John Kerry lauded victims in his speech.  However, both Trump and Clinton will not air television advertisements on the September 11 Sunday. The campaign management of Trump has declared that he will not engage in full scale campaigning on that day. Spokesperson of the Clinton campaign declined to say how she will spend the day.  The announcement for the ceremony was made by the White House as Obama traveled in Laos.

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