Obamacare sold the most on December 15

About 670,000 individuals signed up to Affordable Care Act or Obamacare as it is popularly known on December 15 to meet the January 1 coverage deadline. The numbers are a record. These are the maximum number of signees in any given day from the time President Barack Obama launched the ACA exchanges three years before. The numbers would have been higher if the system has been more robust. About one million individuals were compelled to leave their personal contact information they were unsuccessful to visit the site.

It helped that along with President Obama, Sylvia Burwell and Cory Booker, the Human Services Secretary and the Democrat from New Jersey respectively encouraged Obamacare enrollment. Comedian Bill Murray was seen in the videos as well.

Huge response prompts authorities to extend deadline

This traffic logjam forced Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to release a statement late on December 15 that the enrollment deadline on federal exchange be extended until December 19. Enrollment for a total of 38 states is managed by HealthCare.gov. The deadlines for the state exchanges may differ and a number of exchanges permit enrollment for few extra days. All these are applicable for coverage starting the first day of January. December 19 saw approximately 325,000 Americans sign up for plans on the HealthCare.gov website. Approximately 380.000 people chose plans on HealthCare.gov site on December 20. These numbers made those two days one of biggest in the history of the site.

Republican shadows and Democrat promotion over Obamacare

The outgoing President Obama administration is now actively promoting the law. They are doing this even as Donald Trump, the President-Elect and Republican Congress members pledged to repeal it in January. However, even if there is repeal, people who do not enjoy any insurance via their marketplace must compulsorily purchase it in 2017 and possibly much longer. Any plan for an Obamacare substitute will take many numbers of years to fruition.

The initial days of December saw Burwell to embark on a tour comprising of four metropolises- Tampa, East Newark N.J, Orlando and New York. She met with a number of individuals who have immensely benefited from the ACA. The Human Services Secretary urged the American people to get covered. The ACA has started in-person assistance and operators will receive the call all days of the week. The line is open all through the day and also at night.

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