Officials Propose Calexit To Secede California from the US

Officials from California state have announced “Calexit”, the proposal that would establish it as a separate nation from the United States of America. The proposal was submitted on Thursday to the Secretary of State. “Calexit” is a portmanteau word from last year’s United Kingdom’s “Brexit” departure from the European Union. The proposal urges voters to repeal a part of the State constitution that treats California as an inseparable entity of the United States.

The proposal does not mention President Donald Trump’s name, but a recent poll found that one in three Californians support the state’s withdrawal from the United States as a part of their opposition to the president. If the proposal qualifies for the ballot and gains approval from voters, it would be call for a future vote on whether California secede from the rest of the country.

Yes California Independence Campaign

In 2019, the residents of California will go to the polls in a historic vote to decide the state should exit the union of United States. The Yes California Independence Campaign will qualify a citizen for the 2018 ballot, which if passed would summon a special election to choose whether California should exit the United States. The campaign is a stage to express the differences in opinions shared by the Californians and the rest of the country. The campaign is based on the following premises:

  • California has a positive influence at a global level.
  • California could do better as a separate nation than it is able to do as a mere state in the US.

As opposed to Brexit, which was a referendum for the UK to leave the international community, Calexit is a referendum about California joining the international community after seceding from the US.

What do the polls reveal?

Steve Maviglio, Democratic political strategist, ran in campaign against a proposal to split California into six individual states in 2016. A survey by Reuters revealed that 32 percent support Calexit, which is a 12 percent increase since the last 2014 poll. However, national polls show 22 percent favored the proposal, a 2 percent decrease since 2014.

In addition to nationwide residents of 14000, 500 Californians were questioned in the poll between December 9 and January 19. The margin of error was marked at 5 percentage points in the state and 1 percentage points among nationwide adults. However, the polls reveal that only 1 in 3 Californians support Calexit.

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