Omaha Sees Democrats Go Left

The Democratic Party just witnessed an intense shakeup. The party's Nebraska voters remolded the party in the May primary election. They rejected the sole Democrat who was noted for winning the Nebraska House Race for the past 26 years. Voters turned towards women to fill three of the four House nominee slots and the Senate nominee slots as well. Voters gunned for Lincoln's Jessica McClure over Dennis Crawford, an attorney from Lincoln noted for being the online voice of the party and state party officer.

Omaha 1st and 2nd Districts

The 1st District witnessed McClure claiming the Democratic nomination. She now has the opportunity to challenge GOP Representative Jeff Fortenberry, a seven-term lawmaker in November. McClure claimed her main planks were healthcare and education. She has already resigned her regulatory compliance specialist job so that she could campaign full time. She has championed better accessibility to rural healthcare. She is also committed to improve and protect support for better public education. In her words, she wants to promote equality for a larger group of people.

The radical change, however, came from the 2nd District in metropolitan Omaha. Former Representative Brad Ashford was substituted by Kara Eastman, an advocate known for fighting children's rights. The move effectively stymied Ashford's tries to take back a seat in the House which he lost to GOP Don Bacon. The Republican wrested the House seat in 2016. The Democrat had completed a single term in the office by then.

Significant moves

Eastman's nomination has significance. She coming into the picture means the Democratic Party has taken in a deeper left flavor. Political observers have named it progressive politics. Things at this highly competitive Congressional district suddenly turned more interesting. The 2nd District was already high up in the political sphere for the rematch between Bacon and Ashford. The battle between the Democrats and the Republicans has suddenly taken a new turn. Elections are scheduled to be held in November.

The powerful Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee swiftly backed Eastman's nomination. The quickness of the action points to what many political pundits feel- Democrats have the potential to decisively win this swing district.

McClure now plans a roadmap for the general election campaign. She admitted that all these constitutes her first-time experience. Both McClure and Eastman join Jane Raybould, another Senate nominee. All three will vie for Congressional seats through the general election to be held in November.

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