Once-apathetic Miami Becomes a Battlefield for Anti-Trump Protestors

Miami: From beaches to protests

Miami, a city known more its exotic beaches and nightlife than its political pursuits, has suddenly turned into a battlefield for voicing slogans and staging protests against President Trump. On a recent Sunday, over 400 people gathered at a church to organize a meeting of Women’s March Miami-Dade chapter, a group that called and paid for nearly 200 people to attend the march in Washington DC. on January 21. The group organized its own march in Miami and now stemming out to raise awareness on issues ranging from gun control to LGBT.

An hour later and two blocks away, the third meeting of Indivisible Miami, a group propagating a defensive strategy against executive orders of the White House, was conducted by 50 people outside a bookstore in Miami. Also a group organized a hunger strike last week urging the local mayor to withdraw from the immigration policies of Donald Trump. These are continuing demonstrations by the local Black Lives Matter movement. There are also groups created by former staffers from Hilary Clinton’s campaign and other people who had no political connections at all. Such is the situation in this once-apathetic city of Miami.

What Miamians are doing?

As diverse groups are coming to the forefront for voicing their anti-Trump opinions, local residents of Miami find it both encouraging and confusing to see the historical transition of a once-apathetic city towards political activism. Most residents who have attended meetings in the recent weeks are worried that the momentum of the common cause would wane away because different groups are using different tactics to achieve different goals.

Miamians are facing the same problem as many organizers around the country- how to maintain the momentum of these activities and how to channelize the energy into an effective change. Many people, who were engaged in the 2016 elections and are now weary about Trump’s administration, quit their job to be a part of the mass protests in Miami.

There have been ample instances of disagreements between groups while organizing the mass protests in Miami. But the final test for the movement will be to remain organized through the 2018 and 2020 elections. However, the protests in Miami is a sign that people are working together to infuse a new energy level to the process, thus becoming more aware of their constitutional rights to bring about a political change.

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