Operation Car Wash shakes up Brazil

Operation Car Wash is one of the biggest bribery cases investigated in the legal history of Brazil. The investigation is so broad that it resulted in a leadership crisis during a time when the country was going through one of the worst recessions in its history. The anti-corruption operations are being led by the crusading judge and a few idealistic young prosecutors in Curtiba city of Brazil.

Top politicians impeached

According to prosecutors, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, a popular leader and former President of Brazil, masterminded the scheme. He was subsequently charged with money laundering and corruption. Michel Temer, the present president, has been implicated. Calls were made to impeach him. An influential leader of lower house was sentenced to a total of 15 years inside a jail cell. Investigations against 62 representatives and 34 senators continued to go on.

The name of the anti-corruption operation- Car Wash- is derived from actual events. The whole operation began from a particular service center-and thus the name Car Wash. Federal police found their first clues in the service center which led to their first arrest: Paulo Roberto Costa, once a top executive at Petrobras, the oil company administered by the Brazilian Government. The company is the country's biggest, tasked with exploiting Brazil's considerable oil reserves. Law enforcement discovered that Costa was accepting bribes. He talked when investigators pressured him, revealing that senior managers of the company, along with a number of politicians were engaged in robbing Petrobras, and by extension, the country.

Many charged

The lead prosecutor of Operation Car Wash is Deltan Dallagnol. He claims that the investigation has resulted in more than 200 people being charged for a wide varioety of crimes. The bribe amounts total up to exceed two billion dollars.

Operation Car Wash has scalped a number of prominent Brazilian politicians. It played a major role to dethrone Dimla Rousseff, the sitting Brazilian President and first female leader. Rousseff was legally impeached due to a few technical violations of the budget rules in August. The president, as she made clear, was not charged for corrupt activity, but she was ousted as she was chairperson of the state controlled company which was under the scanner. The aggregation of public anger forced her out.

Rousseff has repeatedly pointed out that she was not the recipient of any kind of bribes. She highlighted to the media that she does not have any bank accounts to her name outside Brazil.

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