Orange County oppose California Sanctuary Laws

Orange County officials in California voted three to none and joined a lawsuit initiated by the Trump administration to fight the “sanctuary city” laws brought by the state. This came a few hours post the announcement of the Orange County sheriff department that it will adopt its own techniques to fight the state legislation crafted to protect undocumented immigrants. Don Barnes, Undersheriff of Orange County, told the media during an interview that what the sheriff's office is doing can be termed legal in all respects. He said that California state officials should read the relevant laws carefully to understand that.

Orange County actions

The lawsuit is brought by the United States Justice Department. The 3-0 vote was given by Orange County Board of Supervisors to join the legal recourse. The lawsuit put forward the argument that the recently drafted California laws intentionally interfered with the immigration policies set up the federal administration. One California law prohibits police from transferring suspects to immigration agents of the federal government for subsequent deportation.

Orange County took action in March to improve communication with the federal immigration agents through the publishing of all inmate release dates online. Before the state of California took a hostile stance against the White House, inmates lodged inside county jails were screened by the sheriff's department to assist the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to identify those people who can be deported. These activities have now stopped.

California response

The California administration has not taken such developments lightly. Xavier Becerra, the California Attorney General, said that he will not hesitate to take action against officials who will go against the laws set by California state. The sheriff is not excluded. The Attorney General sternly warned at a news conference that nothing can surpass state law in such cases. He added that it is his task to enforce the state laws and he will do it. His officials will ensure that Orange County, along with every jurisdiction comprehends what the state laws demand from the people and California state's subdivisions. He indirectly said that a lawsuit or arrest could be made against the sheriff if needed.

According to Barnes, the newly made Californian law had placed the state's residents in harm's way as dangerous people will be released back into communities. He said that when such information is made public, then the community becomes safer. He reminded that the returning individuals are criminals.

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