Orca Security Raises USD 20 Million in Series A Funding Round | Financial Buzz

Orca Security Raises USD 20 Million in Series A Funding Round

Orca Security, reported a USD 20 Million Series A funding round that was led by GGV Capital.  The funds will be used to fuel addition growth of the company and help international customers have a deeper access to AWS, Azure and GCP at a fraction of the time and operational cost of alternative solutions.  “Within minutes, we gained full visibility into our AWS account. Before Orca, I had zero visibility. Now, I see everything I need to see. Plus, we now have a single tool that does it all.”

“Organizations expect to have rapid cloud growth while maintaining security. This cannot be achieved by playing whack-a-mole with per-asset agent deployments,” said Avi Shua, CEO and co-founder of Orca Security, and former Chief Technologist at Check Point Software Technologies. “You can’t continue to iterate on tools designed for on-prem environments and expect to win the coverage game in the cloud. You lose both agility and security. Orca Security has developed an entirely new way of helping organizations identify, understand, and prioritize cloud security issues—without slowing their innovation or worrying about the thoroughness of their coverage.”

Operation costs for network scanners and agent-based security tools are high but leave the organization vulnerable to breaches by only offering partial visibility.  Orca Security provides a new agentless process of deeply analyzing an organization’s cloud infrastructure to solve these issues.  “These days, any cloud security solution that requires agents, libraries or costly and complex integrations should be out of the question,” said Ian Amit, Chief Security Officer for Cimpress. “In contrast, Orca Security provides a comprehensive security perspective that doesn’t require material changes to the cloud environment, but still identifies all issues across the entire stack – OS, applications, and services.”