Oregon To Collect $25.5 Million in Taxes on Marijuana Sales

Oregon’s experiment with recreational marijuana has proven it self to a success, at least when it comes to tax revenue. Local medical marijuana dispensaries have sold about $102 million in recreational cannabis since the beginning of the year. Considering the 25% sales tax on sales of cannabis, the state has collected $25.5 million in taxes in the first six month.

According to the Oregon Department of Revenue, the sales and the tax numbers include sales of marijuana-infused edibles. There is a variety of snacks, sweets and drinks available to citizens 21 and older.

Mazen Malik, a senior state economist with the Office of Legislative Revenue, explained that it was difficult to predict how popular edibles would be, since these products were sold on the black market.

“We know some people would embrace them because they don’t like smoking, for example, so it would be an easier thing to go to… Others would just want to try them because they are new and different and they want to see how they work.” he said.

As a result, the anticipated state revenue from recreational marijuana through June 2017 was update, and quadrupled by Oregon’s Legislative Revenue Office. The amount of estimate tax revenue jumped from $8.4 million to a high of $35 million. 

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