Orleans Civil Court and Three Candidates


The open seat on Orleans Parish Civil District Court has three candidates vying to fill it up. The three candidates are as varied as it gets. The selected candidate will fill the term set for Division A judge, Tiffany Chase. The vote is scheduled to happen on March 24. If there is a runoff, it would be held on April 28. Chase was voted in October to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeal.

Hazeur and Perque

Ellen Hazeur is the best known among all the three competing candidates. She was on the City Council for about six years, starting from 1994 and ending at 2000, representing the city's Lower 9th Ward and New Orleans East. She has then served as clerk of the 1st Parish Court from that time. According to Hazeur, her present work makes her an ideal candidate. Being a clerk means reviewing legislation and the compulsion to do research prior to executing any action. She also considers the multitude of testimonies, both oral and written, before arriving at a decision. She added that her decisions affect a large number of people and she is thus experienced in such kind of political life.

Hazeur has also served in the post of special master where her job was to oversee claims linked to a tanker car explosion in Gentilly in 1987. She also served as the commissioner on the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board of the city. She has already spelled out her priorities- executing an efficient docket system and building a new courthouse.

The next contender is Richard Perque. He owns a small firm handling medical malpractice cases, personal injury, and family law. He comes from a prominent family, being the son of Jane Triche Milazzo, the US District judge. He is the grandson of Risley “Pappy” Triche, a former state representative. His opponents describe him as a privileged child but he denies that. He claims to have faced large amounts of hostility when growing up as a gay teen in Napoleonville. He says that he will prioritize the court hastening up the domestic docket.


The third and last candidate is Taetrece Harrison. She has described herself as a community activist. The Orleans public knows her as the person who showed a sign with LIES written on it during a City Council meeting on the problems faced by Sewerage & Water Board. Her main calling point is that she does not have any political roots.

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