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Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Receives Green Light from Researchers

AstraZeneca (OTCMKTS: AZNCF), a British-Swedish multinational pharmaceutical, along with Oxford University created a coronavirus vaccine which is the first to have its late-stage trial results independently reviewed and published in a medical journal, The Lancet.

The published study reiterated that the vaccine has a typical success rate of 70% in shielding against the coronavirus.

During a press conference conducted Tuesday, Dr. Sarah Gilbert, the Oxford vaccinology professor who steered this coronavirus vaccine project, revealed it was a “really good day for the U.K., this is probably the best day we’ve had in 2020.”

“Not only today are we seeing the first rollout of NHS vaccinations against Covid-19, (but) from our side we are able to present to you our data in a full peer-review publication with all of the information that people have been asking us about,” she added.

“And we now see that the vaccine is safe, it’s highly effective and we also know that it can be manufactured in large quantities and at a low price,” Gilbert said, adding that it is hoped the vaccine will receive regulatory approval “in the coming weeks.”

Due to a mishap, a part of the 2,700 British volunteers were given a half-dose of the vaccine the first time around and a full-dose of the vaccine on the second round. Ultimately those participants proved to be 90% protected. It is unknown if the results happened by chance or if the lower dose initially given, readied the immune system to more efficiently fight off COVID-19.  

AstraZeneca and the Oxford team are continuing to collect data from its trials in order to determine whether or not the half-dose-full dose regimen is the most effective route.

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