PCV Murcor Announces Promotion of Cindy Nasser to Chief Operating Officer

Murcor, a leading provider of valuation advisory and appraisal
management, today announced that Senior Vice President Cindy Nasser has
been appointed Chief Operating Officer of PCV Murcor. Nasser previously
ran PCV Murcor operations and will continue to report to Keith Murray,
chairman and CEO of PCV Murcor.

“Cindy is a seasoned and trusted leader who consistently delivers
results. She is uniquely qualified to drive our company’s strategic
direction, prioritization and accountability with a keen eye on
delivering substantial value for our clients,” shared Keith Murray, CEO,
PCV Murcor.

Effective immediately, Nasser will continue developing and deploying the
strategic plan of the company. She is responsible for daily operations,
sales and marketing, quality control, client engagement and growth,
training, pricing, government affairs, and operational compliance.

“During her leadership, Cindy has regularly brought new business
opportunities to PCV Murcor, while exerting a sustained, positive
influence on team development, client success, sales growth, business
retention, and community impact,” continued Murray.

Prior to joining PCV Murcor in 2007, Cindy held roles at Bank of America
and Yahoo. While with Yahoo, Cindy managed contact center technology and
was a key leader in the largest system implementation in the
organization’s history, known as, “Project Panama.” The implementation
replaced all internal and external business systems and changed the
Search Marketing business model, which required retraining the entire
employee and customer base. As an Operations Manager at Bank of America,
she acted as an internal Call Center Consultant, managing a global shift
realignment process for 1,500 CSRS across 5 contact centers.

Learn more about Cindy’s story, “Life
Without Challenge is No Fun.”

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PCV Murcor (PCVMurcor.com),
founded in 1981 by Keith Murray, CEO, is a leading provider of valuation
advisory and appraisal management, for residential and commercial real
estate, nationwide. For more than 35 years the company has provided
nationwide expert valuation and appraisal services for a multitude of
clients, including mortgage brokers, financial institutions, government
agencies, asset managers, attorneys and life insurance companies.

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