PEDv Responsible for Death of Nearly 7 Million Pigs

Pigs, Virus, Port, FarmingWednesday morning, an Indiana farm has confirmed that it has suffered a second outbreak of a fatal pig virus. This is concerning due to the magnitude of the farm that is the biggest in the United States and the virus has already killed 10% of the American pig’s population. The virus has grown faster than anyone has expected.      

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv) is responsible for the death of nearly 7 million pig in a span that has lasted 12 months. This has pressured pork farmers into mating pigs faster, which affects the farms cycle, one which has been intact for decades. The virus has obviously brought about an increase in the price of pork.

Over 30% of the pig farms are infected with the virus, veterinarians like Matt Ackerman believe that those farms had pigs that were affected by the virus last year, but didn’t let anyone know. “The virus could have be taken care of faster if those farm owners came forward” said in a statement given by the American Association of Swine Veterinarians.

It has been a year since the discovery of the virus, which was not treated with proper procedures. The government and the association were under the assumption that once the pig was infected with the virus it will become immune, and it won’t be life threatening. 

There is no cure in sight for the virus that is extremely fatal to piglets and pregnant pigs; the government and association is trying to find a treatment that can control the epidemic. Matt Ackerman said,“Obviously immunity is a key part of our being able to control the spread of the virus.”. For now this virus will make the price of pork the highest it has even been.

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