Pelosi Ranks Fifth Richest Congress Member in California

Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader, remains high on the perch among Congressional delegation in California in terms of minimum net worth. This is made possible by her ownership of premium real estates in smart locations all over the state. Pelosi is an elected Democrat from San Francisco.

Pelosi remains the fifth richest Californian among the Congress members. This remains valid even after an asset decrease of $11 million in 2016.

Extensive properties

Pelosi, in her financial disclosure documents, listed a total of 10 properties. They are valued to be about  $23 million. It should be mentioned here that her husband, Paul Pelosi, owns most of the properties. Nancy owns only two- the vineyard located on Zinfandel Lane and St. Helena estate. The former is situated on the Napa River banks. The value of the vineyard is estimated to be minimum $5 million. She has reported a number of mortgages as her liabilities on the disclosure forms. The records are true as of 2016.

The multiple blazes that swept through California in 2017 stopped only a few miles distant from the vineyard Pelosi owns. As per public records, that property had a value of approximately $4 million as on January 1, 2017. When asked by a reporter whether her property has been affected by the blaze, she said that some parts of the valley look like it was bombed.

Rentals and stocks

The Pelosi couple earned rental income as per their 2016 tax disclosures. The rent came from tenants put up in a townhome located near Norden's Sugar Bowl Ski Resort. As per the forms, the Pelosis' sold the house at 2017-end for a sum near $5 million. As per records, the property changed hands at $1.53 million. The Napa Valley estate was also sold for a sum amounting to almost $1 million. Records show that the sale amount was about $600,000. The list of other Pelosi properties includes the one at San Francisco's 25 Point Lobos and Russell Ranch, Sacramento. Both the properties are of the minimum value of about $5 million.

Paul Pelosi had previously disclosed assets worth approximately $10 million in the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the now-defunct United Football League. This team was absent on the list submitted by Pelosi in 2016. The husband of Nancy Pelosi also sold $4.5 million investments in the company Salesforce. He owns Apple stock worth $1.5 million and about $1 million worth of stock in Walt Disney Co.

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