Pence ally Verma nominated to supervise health programs by Trump

Seema Verma, credited with the expansion of Medicaid in Indiana under the Republican government headed by Governor Mike Pence, is anticipated to play an important role in the Trump administration. She will be under the spotlight when it comes to Republicans substituting outgoing President Barack Obama’s signature health care law. President Elect Donald Trump chose Verma to lead federal government funded and administered Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Republican support for nomination

Verma’s nomination to the position was unanimously praised by Republicans. Trump, in his statement, said that her rich experience spanning decades will transform the health care system of the United States to benefit all those who live in America.

Verma is an old hand in Republican politics, having experience in consulting governments even before Pence. She was a consultant to Mitch Daniels, the former Republican Governor of Indiana. The latter was interested in a health plan which later morphed into the present Indiana Medicaid plan under Pence. SVC Inc., a firm owned by Verma, was paid in excess of $6.6 million by state of Indiana from the starting time of contract in 2011. Monies were given for consulting work.

Verma shows a distinct Republican flavor when it comes to medical coverage. In a 2008 blog post found in the HealthAffairs website, she outlined, along with a Daniels’ administration official, a philosophy which blends two opposite themes that generally clashes in the US healthcare system- a distinct Judeo Christian ethic and rugged individualism. The Medicaid program in Indiana combines these two disparate themes through the promotion of personal responsibility while offering subsidized health protection. She assured that everyone can afford medical care in Indiana.

Opposition views

Democrats and supporters of Obamacare were not happy with her nomination. They have and always opposed any requirements which compel poor people to spend for medical care. The latter feature is a trademark of the Indiana Medicaid policy. The Indiana policy is also being examined by other states having Republican administrations. This was articulated by Judith Solomon of Center for Budget and Policy Priorities when she expressed her concern about the coming medical scene. Solomon is the vice president of the center looking after health policy.

If Verma’s nomination gets the necessary approval, then she will be a decisive voice within the Trump presidential administration. She will also spearhead the change if Trump follows up on his campaign promise to roll back and substitute the present healthcare law.

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