Pence mocks Clinton’s plans after elections

Mike Pence, the Republican Party’s vice-presidential candidate and Donald Trump’s running mate, took a jibe at the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. He implied that the latter was too presumptive about the future. It is widely perceived that Clinton will be the next President of the United States.

Presumptive Clinton

Pence made the jibe when he gave a speech at a rally held in Colorado Springs in Colorado. He reminded the audience that Clinton, on October 26, told that she would interact with Republican leaders in Congress post-election. The vice presidential nominee laughed and told his audience that he would be glad if Clinton would meet with GOP leadership as a private citizen. Clinton, on her part, declined to say whether she would contact Donald Trump post-election.

The federal court has accepted the filing of papers by Democratic National Committee (DNC). The DNC has accused Republican National Committee (RNC) of voter intimidation. This action violates a court order given in 1982. The motion was filed the state of New Jersey.

Voter intimidation

The DNC submitted motion said that RNC has fully supported all efforts made by Donald Trump, the latter’s presidential candidate, to intimidate and also discourage the minority voters so that they do not vote in 2016 Presidential Election. The real estate billionaire has been seen to urge supporters to monitor the polling places at the time of elections. The “consent decree” inked in 1982 has been renewed a number of times. The Democrats have asked the courts to renew it for eighty more years. Donna Brazile, the interim chairperson of the DNC, said that her party will not remain calm if attempts are made to impede the democratic process. In response, Lindsay Walters, the spokesperson of the RNC, said that such a filing has no merit.

From the Republican side, Donald Trump continues to insist that he has more knowledge than the US military services, especially when it comes to fighting the ISIS. In an interview to a media house, the Republican presidential contender said that he can give pointers to military experts. He interview was held in the context of battle of Mosul. Incidentally, the Iraqi military, with the support of US military might, has initiated the offensive to reconquer Mosul. The initiative was triggered on October 17. Trump criticized the decision of advertising such a military action in advance. He said that the action should be done at first and then it should be advertised.

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