Pence’s personal financial disclosure and other news

Mike Pence, the vice presidential candidate from the Republican Party, has filed his personal financial disclosure document. The filled up form shows that Pence, presently the Governor of Indiana, earns the majority of his money as salary from the post. He is the running mate of Donald Trump, the presidential candidate from the Republican Party.

Pence was required to sign the disclosure form as per federal law. The signing took place on August 19. It says that the Indiana Governor gets a total of $173,860 as salary. His wife, Karen Pence, earns less than $1,001 from her business of towel charms and self employed artist. The list of other sources of income and assets includes bank accounts having about $15,000 and two plans of education savings carrying value of about $15,000. The document also lists a
total of seven student loans running to about  $95,000. The couple have three children. Pence’s campaign also issued a statement that he will release tax returns in near future.

Clinton and personal emails

A new book, titled “ Man of the World: The Further Endeavors of Bill Clinton” by Joe Conason, a veteran political journalist, says that Colin Powell, who once served as Secretary of State, advised the now presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, to make use of her personal email account when the latter became Secretary of State.

Conason writes that a number of ex-secretaries of state, the list of which included Condoleezza Rice, Madeleine Albright and Henry Kissinger, enjoyed dinner with Clinton during her early days of her position. Clinton’s tenure started in 2009. According to the journalist, Powell told Clinton that he used his personal email for doing the job, the only exception being classified communications.

Trump news

In Trump related news, Governor John Bel Edwards of Louisiana through his office said that Donald Trump’s campaign of touring the flood damaged state has not yet contacted them. An official of the campaign said that Trump and Pence, his running mate, will visit the state on August 19. Nothing, however, was officially announced. This was confirmed by Richard Carbo, the spokesperson for Governor Edwards. He said that Trump has not contacted the governor to inform the latter that he will be visiting. The spokesperson further added that Trump is welcome in Louisiana, but not for any photo opportunities. He instead proposed that the Republican candidate should make a big donation to assist the storm victims.


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