Pence to Meet with McCain After Trump’s Endorsement Refusal

After Donald Trump openly made comments against House Speaker Paul Ryan or Arizona Sen, John McCain refused to endorse them, it appears his running mate, Mike Pence, is trying to make amends. After speaking at an event in Phoenix on Tuesday night, he was asked questions from the audience but steered clear of the endorsement snub. The main focus turned out to be an army mom who asked about Trump’s disrespect for the armed forces following last week’s controversy. She was booed after asking the question but Pence managed to calm the audience down and answer gracefully.

He faces another awkward position today as he is set to meet with five-time Arizona Senator, John McCain. Pence’s running mate, Donald Trump, had quite a lot to say about McCain and refused to endorse him in his primary election. Trump made it clear that he was never on McCain’s side and added McCain should’ve done more for the vets. This comes as little surprise after Trump commented last year that McCain wasn’t a war hero as he was captured in Vietnam. His comments against McCain and last week’s Gold Star family have received criticism from a wide range of sources,  including both Republicans and Democrats.

Unlike Trump, Pence is said to have a long-term, good relationship with McCain and the meeting was scheduled days before Trump made his comments. Both parties have confirmed that the meeting will take place.

Being ‘The Parent’

Many critics of the GOP nominee have stated that he shares a parent-child relationship with Pence. In this case, Trump would be the one causing the mess and Pence is left to apologize and clarify during the aftermath. The last 2 weeks have proven this with Trump blatantly speaking against various critical individuals of the Republican party and Pence being forced to reassure them. He also had to clarify for Trump during the Khan controversy and claimed that both he and Trump “cherish” the family. Pence claimed that the Republican party was “united” after the latest round of comments but seems to be easier said than done at this point.

McCain faces Arizona’s other US Senator, Jeff Flake,who has vocally criticized Trump from the beginning. McCain on the other hand is yet to rescind his support for Trump and this might cause him to lose the election for being spineless.

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