Pentagon reports: North Korea’s ballistic missiles need more work


The Pentagon has described North Korea's inter- continental ballistic missiles as still being in development stage. The officials have said that the country needs to overcome significant 'shortfalls' before it can come out with a working ICBM. North Korea has been issuing clear warnings to the U.S. against taking any kind of stance against it, cautioning that it has the firepower to destroy a large part of the U.S. landscape. However, given the Pentagon statement this seems to be empty posturing from a country that has yet to come up with a fully functional ICBM.

Efforts by North Koreans to expand arsenal is on 

The Pentagon has acknowledged that the North Koreans are engaged in a focused effort to expand their arsenal, in particular fissile materials that can cause considerable damage to enemy. However, it will be a while before it manages to create a missile that can reach American soil, Defense Intelligence Agency sources say.

The statement comes as a big relief after repeated cautions and warnings issued by the Kim Jong government via the official media news publication against the U.S. In addition, North Korea has not refrained from its missile testing which is in clear violation of the resolutions passed by the United Nations.

Things took a worse turn after President Trump made a statement of his own about sending an 'armada' to North Korea although in reality the aircraft carrier in question was not directly heading there, at the time. Security has been beefed up in and around the region subsequently with an aircraft carrier battle group and submarine station in the location to head off any attempt to attack the U.S.

Lack of flight tests indicating North Korea's lack of preparedness

One of the main reasons why U.S. experts are so sure that North Korea does not yet have missiles capable of reaching the U.S. is that they have not conducted any successful flight tests yet. According to defense experts, any missile that has the range to reach American soil and cause the kind of destruction that the North Koreans have been warning about would have to be very complex. Such missiles can only be deemed complete if adequate flight tests have been carried out and the country has not done any to fine tune the design yet. In such case, the weapons cannot be described as anything but low reliability systems, officials assure.

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