Phononics Industry-First Solid-State Merchandising Freezer Enables High-Traffic Placement of Frozen Goods

the global leader in solid-state cooling that is breaking the boundaries
of semiconductor innovation, launched the Phononic Merchandising
Freezer, the first commercial merchandising freezer to utilize
sustainable solid-state technology. With superior space utilization and
near-silent operation, the Phononic Merchandising Freezer can be placed
anywhere within a retail format, from the checkout counter to an endcap
display and more – all without the need for special power
considerations. The Phononic Merchandising Freezer is currently
available in two sizes offering internal capacity of 0.2 and 0.4 cu. ft.

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Phononic’s Industry-First Solid-State Merchandising Freezer Enables High-Traffic Placement of Frozen Goods (Photo: Business Wire)

“No longer do frozen goods need to be relegated to the back wall of a
store, or to dedicated freezer aisles where shoppers are cold,
uncomfortable and seeking to move through quickly,” said Tony Atti, CEO
and founder of Phononic. “Designed with leading-edge solid-state cooling
technology, the Phononic Merchandising Freezer creates opportunities for
small brands, household names, and retailers alike to get in front of
consumers through placement in prime locations that were never before
feasible for frozen foods.”

Store layout is ripe for disruption, as consumers continue to seek a
convenient and efficient shopping experience. According to a Phononic
survey of 1,100 adult shoppers, two-thirds said if grocery stores had
new products at the checkout line, they would be more likely to try
them. In addition, 41 percent wished that instead of candy, grocery
stores had ice cream at the checkout counter, and 41 percent also
claimed they might buy more wine and beer if they were cold and at the
checkout line.

With its debut
on CNBC’s Squawk Box, the Phononic Merchandising Freezer provides
superior aesthetics and branding capability. It is designed to be
eye-catching and to drive impulse purchases, no matter its placement
within a store. The units can be tailored with the option of solid or
glass door, and with customizable and interchangeable magnet print

The Freezer also provides industry-leading sustainability and
performance. Phononic utilizes semiconductor technology in place of
antiquated, inefficient and noisy compressors, thereby minimizing energy
usage and eliminating the need for toxic and flammable refrigerants.
Maintenance costs are reduced, as the appliance does not have any moving
parts to service. All these features combine to create the lowest
possible cost of ownership.

Even with frequent openings, the Phononic Merchandising Freezer can
deliver consistent cooling at -18°C. The unit’s temperature stability is
so advanced that it experiences less than half the variability of ENERGY
STAR® freezer standards.

Phononic’s Merchandising Freezer technology also has the power to
disrupt various industries where its refrigeration products are already
being used, such as life sciences and healthcare.

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About Phononic

Phononic’s unrivaled approach to solid-state cooling is breaking the
boundaries of semiconductor innovation to deliver unprecedented
performance and sustainability across the globe. From
disrupting refrigeration and freezing, to cooling pinhead-sized fiber
optics components, Phononic’s technology takes infinite forms to unseat
the wasteful and unreliable cooling solutions of the past, which depend
on bulky compressors, noisy fans and noxious gases simply not suited for
the modern world. Phononic is transforming the way life-saving drugs and
vaccines are protected, data is transmitted and food and beverages are
sold, stored and transported. The company has been named to the 2016 and
2017 CNBC Disruptor 50 lists, received the US EPA’s 2017 Emerging Tech
Award, R&D 100 Award and more. For more information visit or
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