Pierpont President Moore inks Entrepreneurship Pledge

Dr. Johnny Moore, the President of Pierpont Community and Technical College, inked a pledge on March 27 where his college supported a US wide initiative to support entrepreneurship on the community college campuses. The pledge is sponsored by National Association of Community Colleges. He was vocal about the requirement of creating an entrepreneurship culture. The signing ceremony took place prior to his meeting with the Board of Governors.

Pledges signed

Moore is not the only one to sign this pledge on behalf of his college. Hundreds of community college presidents before him gave their signature to the effort. All of them made a total of five commitments. The list of commitments include the creation and expansion of external and also internal teams devoted to entrepreneurship. There should be also an increase in the engagement of the entrepreneurs in the community colleges. They must also engage in cluster development of industries. There must be the leveraging of community assets and community college to trigger job creation and innovation. A buzz must also be created to this effect. There should be wide exposure of the commitment of the college to entrepreneurship.

Moore said that Pierpont Community college has made a commitment when it comes to the community's betterment. He said that the world is changing quickly and it is important to think in a different way on how to operate and what the community is doing. He pointed out that this is not possible by only him or his vice presidents. There must be a team doing the work. A substantial portion of jobs which will be available after five years does not exist now. It is thus imperative to change the thought processes and how the students operate in the present society.

Importance of entrepreneurship

Tina Shaw, the President of Marion County Chamber of Commerce, attended the signing ceremony. She said that this pledge brings good tidings for all participants. She pointed out that entrepreneurship is the backbone of any growing community. It is vital to society. Promoting entrepreneurship is better not only for the students but also for residents as it helps to start other commercial enterprises, It is observed that successful entrepreneurs encourage other potential entrepreneurs to take that chance. Moore added that entrepreneurship must be supported as students should learn to think about the future and get ready for their lives later on in a quickly varying economy and changing job market.

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