Pokémon Go the Reading Version

The Belgians have come up with a way to use the popular game Pokémon Go in a useful way. The game has become hugely popular around the world as million have been walking around catching Pokémons, but now in Belgium yang people can walk around and catch books.

A Belgian teacher came up with the idea to create a new Pokémon Go based game where the players go around in search of books. What amazing is that it is actually gaining popularity, Reuters reported that currently there are about 40,000 users. Yes, its not as nearly as close as the number of people playing the actual game, but its a start. 

The game created by Aveline Gregoire is not as sophisticated as Pokémon Go. The game facilitated through a Facebook group called “Chasseurs de livres” which means “Book hunters.”

The way the game is played is simple enough. Players take photos of the book, hide the book, and then post hints so others could find the book. Once the player is done reading the book, he or she are expected to “release” it back into the wild.

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