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With the presidential elections for 2016 just round the corner, the campaign activities have reached unprecedented levels. The tension is prevalent in the air, with both sides trying their level best to win over the masses and gain their vote in the race for superiority. Here are a few latest updates on the 2016 presidential campaign.

In a recent outbreak of violence, an office of the Republican Party located in North Carolina was left devastated by fire. In addition to this, one of the walls in the neighborhood was spray painted with a derogatory remark ‘Nazi Republicans’ by some anti GOP elements of the area. As per the records of eye witnesses present on the scene of crime, some people threw a bottle of combustible fluid crashing through the window of the Grand Old Party office headquarters based in Orange County, late one night. The explosive caught ignition and led to a grisly fire that eventually reduced the office interiors and furniture to ash. A wall of an adjacent building was marked with graffiti of disparaging words threatening the so called ‘Nazi Republicans’ to leave the town with dire consequences. As per the press release from Hillsborough, the director of the state Republican Party, Dallas Woodhouse commented on the state of affairs stating that although there was no damage to life in the fire outbreak, the other party offices across the state have been warned with a security alert to practice caution.

The GOP strategists across the country have recently admitted that Hillary Clinton might have an edge over Donald Trump in the presidential elections, owing to her stronghold over the 270 votes of the Electoral College that are required to obtain a clear majority over the competition. Although, there is room for a probable change in the events before the final day of election on the 8th of November, the current state of affairs signals that Clinton might end up with a sizeable victory over Trump.

The GOP nominee for vice Presidential position, Mike Pence stated that both he and Trump will be conceding to whatever the result of the election is. He further added that in congruence with the tradition of presidential elections, his party will be striving hard against all odds in the final phase of the campaign to win the hearts of the people of America. Pence is also famous for constantly alleging the media as being biased against their party.

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