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Positive Signs in VA Health Program May be Too Little Too Late

The United States federal government has grappled with veteran affairs for the longest time in history. The United States has waged some of the most longest and deadliest wars in the past century and have one of the largest numbers of armed forces veterans, and also spends a high amount on veteran healthcare, but not much seems to be positive or something to look forward to in that perspective. Even though the United States of America spends massive amounts of funds in arms procurement, the veteran healthcare department is supplied with a comparatively meager amount.

Failure to launch

Additionally, veteran affairs programs do not seem to be doing the trick either. There have been various programs implemented by Congress but has not amounted to much in the past due to a lack of thorough implementation. The veterans program has also drastically suffered due to the political divide and partisanship that has existed in the national capital that eventually and inexorably trickles down to the rest of the country. For instance one of the recent veteran healthcare programs, the Veterans choice program which was introduced by Congress in 2014 has finally been witnessing some success but after more than half the term of the pilot has been active and implemented.

According to the Veterans choice program, the healthcare sector that is linked through veteran affairs is supposed to ensure that veterans in any part of the country have proper access to healthcare, especially those that have been drastically affected due to injuries sustained in battle. However, since the program was a near compulsion, many private players were shying away from the program as they did not see any revenue or profit stream. This posed a major challenge for the program.

Too little, too late

However, there have been interesting strides made towards this effort. Typically a veteran is allowed to choose from a variety of choices of healthcare facilities no matter where they are, and the inclusion of some private players are now creating the pathways for the success of the program. Seton Healthcare is one such healthcare provider that has vouched and offered their services to the VA department. While the veteran reaction is that of relief, they still feel that it may be too little too late as the veteran choice program runs out of its pilot trial duration in the fall of 2017.