Post Haiti quake, State Department favorites and Hillary

It is reported that post the hugely destructive Haiti earthquake of 2010, a senior aide to Hillary Clinton, the then Secretary of State, repeatedly instructed government officers to provide extra attention to those unofficially termed as “FOB” or Friends of Bill Clinton. The same group is also known as the WJC VIPs or the William Jefferson Clinton VIPs. Declassified email exchanges between state department officials clearly reveal the extent of this favoritism.

Easy pass for a few

Caitlin Klevorick, a senior official of the State Department at that time, asked her team members to flag people who are deemed to be friends of the Clintons. The request was put through as although she knew a number of Clinton’s people, she did not know them all. In case the donor was not known to the Clintons, the supplies would be sent to a general US government website. Many emails were exchanged between Klevorick and director of foreign policy for Clinton Foundation, Amitabh Desai.

The emails were obtained by a lawsuit under Freedom of Information Act. This lawsuit was brought by Republican national Committee. It was then shared with a number of news organizations.

Matters about the Haiti emails would have been plastered over if not the Clinton Foundation have once again started a mobilization drive as a response to the island nation’s latest humanitarian crisis- the destruction after Hurricane Mathew. The effort is scheduled to be a component of the current commitment by Clintons to assist the Haitian citizens. The Clinton Foundation’s history of help in Haiti goes beyond a decade.

Clinton denial

The Clintons, naturally, dismisses any notion of favoritism for the Clinton Foundation supporters. Bill Clinton insisted that no one has benefited from being associated with the foundation and contributing towards its causes. The State Department correspondence, however, tell a different story. It provides a glimpse into the beginning stages of the $10 billion recovery effort in Haiti. These emails show that individuals with close ties to Clintons enjoyed a priority in the foundation’s philanthropy.

According to Jake Johnston of Center for Economic and Policy Research, there was minimal difference between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department during that time. He added these closeness raises a lot of questions about how they operated at that time. These were given credence by Klevorick herself. She told a media news organization that she served as the point of contact applicable for many organizations who wanted help.

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