POTUS: to Support Dems for Debt Ceiling Proposal

President Donald Trump has been facing a lot of backlash and some severe criticism from his party members after he swung over to the Democrats, in a manner of speaking, in the matter of the debt ceiling increase move. In the midst of all the protest that his apparent switching of sides is causing, there are just a few who think that he did the right thing and Rep. Jim Jordan is one of them. According to Jordan, R-Ohio, it is not so much that the President made the right move as that he hardly had any other option open to him.

'No good options left', says Jordan

Defending the president, Jordan has said that while the Republicans are coming down hard on the leader for his decision, they really did not give him any other viable options either that he could have chosen over the one he did. Faced with 'no good option's, President Trump took the only path that was left to him and that involved leaning towards the Democrats rather than his own party, Jordan explained. However, he also quickly clarified, that he does not like the deal that Trump made with the Democrats although he does realize that there was really no other option open to the President. At that point, Jordan pointed out, there was a pressing need to finalize the debt ceiling increase quickly and also find funds to address the damage wrecked by Hurricane Harvey.

August recess should have been curtailed

Jordan criticized the GOP powers for letting leaders off on a long August recess instead of asking them to continue working on the critical issue of debt ceiling increases. It was no secret that unless some measure was immediately taken, the government would find itself unable to fund anything in the very near future. Despite the near-crisis state that the government machinery found itself in, the GOP leaders failed to act on a war footing to address this and other key issues. This delay ensured that the party had nothing concrete in terms of solutions to the problems that were looming large before the administration. He said that the President has only demonstrated that he is focused on doing what the country needs, and in this unique situation, he has acted in the only way he could to avoid a much bigger problem.

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