POTUS’ Uncomfortable Israeli Intelligence Incident

The White House continues to be on the defensive Wednesday, after several days of revelations concerning the President and the Russia investigation. This time experts and critics are focusing on classified information that was reportedly compromised during President Trump’s meeting with Russian officials in the Oval office. According to reports, the classified intelligence information in question was provided to U.S agencies by the Israelis. Revealing this information to the Russians may complicate the relationship between the two allies.

Danny Yatom, former leader of Israel's secretive Mossad agency commented on the events, telling CNN, “If we will assess that our sources of intelligence are in danger due to the way it will be handled by the United States, then we will have to keep the very sensitive information close to our chests.”

Yatom also explained the sensitive nature of the information, "I hate to reiterate it, but it might cause a dramatic change to our capabilities to continue and to collect vital information on ISIS… The enemy can very easily identify and recognize where the information came from and start searching for collaborators."

Other Israeli officials are taking a more careful approach to the situation, trying to avoid any further drama. According to a CNN report Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman insisted there would be no effect on the close relations between the United States and Israel. "The security relationship between Israel and our greatest ally the United Sates, is deep, significant and unprecedented in volume," he said in a tweet.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke with the POTUS over the phone Tuesday night, but did not comment on the disclosure of information to the Russians. The two discussed Trump’s upcoming visit to Jerusalem.

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