Power back at Atlanta International Airport

Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airport got its power back a few minutes post the midnight deadline. Georgia Power switched the power on at the busiest airport in the world where about 1,000 flights became non-operational a few days prior to the beginning of the travel rush for Christmas. An outage in an electrical facility located below the ground halted airport operations.

Miserable Conditions

Passengers were thrown into the dark when lights conked off around one in the afternoon. The outage forced the cancellation of all departure flights. The arriving planes were stuck on the ground. Flights incoming from other countries were diverted. As per City of Atlanta social media page, travelers would be offered shuttle services to Georgia Convention Center. Food from Chick-fil-A would be given.

Passengers recount a nightmarish scenario. Not only it was dark, but there was a lack of information as to what is happening and what to do about it. They allege that airport officials were of no assistance during that time. First responders, when they arrived, went to help the elderly and disabled sans the use of any elevators and escalators. Witnesses said that the disabled people were helpless in wheelchairs and stranded where the electricity cut them off.  A few passengers carried their wheelchair-bound brethren down or up the stairs.

Power And Airlines

Georgia Power, via its Social Media account, assured everyone that all concourses are now fully operational. Passengers were served, the notice said, about 5,000 means. In airport trains will function soon, the power company said.  Mayor Kasim Reed announced through his official Twitter feed that all passengers were safely escorted off all aircrafts.

Among the airline companies, Delta was the hardest hit. The airline has its hub in Atlanta. It had canceled almost 900 scheduled holiday flights. Another 300 flights were canceled on Monday. Almost all of them departing or arriving in Atlanta. Delta customers, if they want, can make a single time travel change plan without incurring the mandatory $200 change fee. The airline suggested that travelers should not pick up their respective bags on December 18 as the airport will be congested at that time. As per aviation experts, Delta operations will only return to normal from December 19. Passengers can expect problems all through the week as most of the seats were already booked in the week prior to Christmas. Other airline companies like American Airlines also canceled most of their Atlanta touching flights.

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