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President Obama Defends US Response Concerning Kayla Mueller

Kayla Mueller, ISIS, Terrorist, CaptiveIt has been rejected by US President Barack Obama the contention that the country could do more than it actually did to free Kayla Mueller, the aid worker held by the ISIS in Iraq. Ms. Mueller is now confirmed to be dead.

Kayla Mueller, who was only 26 years old, was snatched away when she was working in the Syrian city of Aleppo in 2013. Her abductors were Islamic State. The President paid his tributes to Ms. Mueller, saying that she represents the best of America. He said that substantial resources have been expended to free her.

Family and government response

Kayla’s family expressed  grief when they heard the news of her death. They said that their hearts are broken by the news of their daughter’s death and said that they will continue their lives in dignity, love and peace for her. They released a letter penned by her during captivity. She wrote that her captors had treated her with utmost kindness and respect. Mueller wrote that she could write only one paragraph each time, and the thought of her family back home led her to tears.

Islamic State claimed that she was killed by US air strikes. The Pentagon disagreed and said that there was no doubt of the IS having killed her. John Kirby, a Rear Admiral of the US Navy confessed that officials do not have any clue how Mueller was killed. He urged everyone concerned to forget the role of Islamic State, in this case.

The American view of Kayla Mueller not being killed by air strikes has been corroborated by Jordan. Substantial air strikes were launched by the Arab country after one of its captured pilots Moaz al-Kasasbeh was burned alive by IS.

An inspiration

The death of Ms. Mueller was known after the IS captors privately contacted her family. The message was confirmed by US intelligence. President Obama issued a statement, saying although she had died; her legacy has continued to endure and inspire all people who fight for justice and decency. He warned the IS and assured the American public that, irrespective of time taken, the US will locate and disseminate justice to terrorists responsible for her Mueller’s captivity and subsequent death.

President Obama said that he had initiated in 2014 a rescue operation to free Kayla Mueller and also other hostages but the rescue teams missed them.