President Obama’s Approval Rating High, Could Benefit Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Bid

President Barack Obama is a man on a mission. His final wish before he demits office is to see his former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office as President. The recent surge in this approval ratings may just as well help him in that task.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC approval survey, the incumbent president’s approval rating had jumped to 51%. This is the highest approval rating he had got since the beginning of his second term.

The ratings are important because they may affect Hillary Clinton’s fortunes. On Thursday afternoon, in a video posted to Hillary Clinton’s YouTube account, he said that the job of President was very hard and that is why he knew Hillary Clinton was best suited to the job.

He said she was probably the most qualified person for the job ever. He also added that those who were with him from the beginning of his journey should know that his vote was for Ms. Clinton.

Bernie Sanders fails to convince the President to support him

The President’s endorsement of Ms. Clinton came just an hour after he met with Bernie Sanders. Notwithstanding the President’s support to his rival, Bernie Sanders has pledged to stay in the race until Washington, where the final primary of the Democratic nominee race will be held.

Mr. Sanders thanked the President and the Vice President for remaining neutral throughout the race. The President, in turn, praised Mr. Sanders for highlighting the role played by money in politics and for rekindling interest in young voters.

Going back to the ratings, the surge in approval may be just what the former Secretary of State needs to clinch the Presidency. This was reiterated by NBC poll analysts who called the new ratings an ‘important number’. They said it is important because it means now the outgoing President will be an asset to Hillary Clinton’s bid unlike in 2014 midterms, when his ratings were in the low 40s.

The President’s high approval ratings may be a reaction to Donald Trump’s caustic style

This brings us to the question- why are the President’s ratings so high? One reason could be that the President may have come across statesmanlike compared to Republican nominee Donald Trump’s high rhetoric and abrasive campaigning style.

The endorsement would also help Hillary Clinton feed off the President’s legacy. President Obama has high ratings among major constituencies like African Americans (with 90% favor him), Democrats (82% favor him), Latinos (73% favor him) and voters in the age group of 18 to 34 years (64% favor him).

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