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President Obama’s Last Address to State of the Union

It was President Obama’s last speech to State of the Union where he spoke in a contemplative and conversational tone. He took a backward look at his country that he would no longer head very soon and warned that America should be cautious in electing Donald Trump to take the mantle from him.

What the president spoke about?

The most powerful president in the world spoke as if he has always been the former president of the United States of America. It is not that the president is already relinquishing his office very soon. In fact, there is still a year left for his presidential term to get over. That tantamount to about 1/8th of his term still left in the White House. His speech gave an impression to his audience that he has already started thinking of how the place would appear when he is not there anymore. Obama also mentioned his achievements as he pointed out his accomplishments in the field of anti-terrorism and looked confident about his credentials in this department.

The president also said there are several Americans who may feel as good about his era as he himself did. Obama also said that he believes in the strength of the State of the Union and that makes him even more confident.

In the early portion of his speech, the president admitted that he does have a few regrets of his reign. One of them being the politics of America turning more resentful and divided just after his message on healing and unity.

Obama said that it was a matter of great regret in his presidency. He is saddened by the volume of suspicion and rancor that have worsened between the political parties instead of things getting better.

He paid a tribute to America’s former presidents such as Roosevelt and Lincoln when he stated that these predecessors would have done a better job in bridging the sharp divide. However the president also added that he can assure the union that it would be his endeavor to keep on trying to improve the relationship between the parties, till the time he is in the president’s office.

Rebuking his political opponents

President Obama also took the opportunity to snub two of the presidential candidates from the Republican Party who are in the fray to replace him.  However, he was tactful enough and did not take their names in his speech.

But it looked as if he was referring to Senator Ted Cruz who had earlier demanded for carpet bombing in Syria. In his speech, the president indicated that the need of the hour is much more than just doing tough talk or to carpet bomb the innocent civilians.