President Trump Fires Secretary of State through Twitter

The Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson was fired from his post earlier this week. He was America's top diplomat and served a stormy tenure in the office. He was fired due to disagreements with President Trump. He has nominated the director of the CIA to take Tillerson's place and the vacant position will now be filled by the Deputy Director of the CIA, Gina Haspel. She is the first woman to run the spy agency.

Tillerson fired as Secretary of State through twitter

Incidentally, Trump made news of Tillersons's termination public through the use of twitter and the Secretary of State learned that his tenure had been terminated through the very same tweet.

According to Steve Goldstein, the spokesman for the State Department, Tillerson was unaware of his termination until the President had tweeted about it and he did not have any plans to resign either. As of now Tillerson remains in the dark about the exact reason due to which he was fired.

Tillerson was warned that such a tweet would be coming his way by the end of last week by two White House officials.

Steve Goldstein, secretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs was fired by the White House for having gone against the reason for Tillerson's expulsion given by the administration.

Trump has said that he and Tillerson disagreed on a number of public matters and that he should be much happier after the termination. He also said that he and Pompeo share a very similar thought process, making it easier for them to get along on matters of public importance. He has given Pompeop a complete vote of confidence and has stated that he is sure that his decision will work out well.

Pompeo is an army veteran and a former congressman. Trump hopes that Pompeo will help him in strengthening alliances and making America stand out. He also hopes that Pompeo will aid him in sorting out the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula,

Pompeo will take his position as the Secretary of State once the Senate approves.

Tillerson had expected to serve a whole year and the termination was sudden although something that everyone expected to eventually happen.

Top Cabinet officials are worried about what this whole incident means for their tenure in the future. A few officials have even forge a suicide pact whereby if Trump forces one official to resign, the others will follow suit by their own will.

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