President Trump pushes harder for Mexican Wall Funding

Reince Priebus, White House Chief of Staff has reiterated the President's firm stance on getting funding for the Mexican wall. The issue assumes great importance with the funding agreement face- off impending. Trump appears to be determined to showcase the Mexican wall funding as the main issue, underlining the need for it as a measure to curb both gang wars and drug smuggling into the U.S.

Will continue to press for Mexicans to pay 

As readers are aware, the President has been calling for the wall construction costs to be shared by the Mexicans as well. There has been a strong call for this since his campaigning days and the president does not seem to be in any mood to call it off or soften his stance here.  However, he has stated that Congress should pull through on the funding for the wall and allow the construction to be started off at once so that the problem can be addressed, started immediately.

At loggerheads with Democrats 

As is his practice, Trump has criticized the Democrats' opposition to the Mexican wall proposal through his Twitter account but this is surely not going to keep them from putting up a brick wall in front of the proposal. With the funding agreement vote coming up, any big mismatch in views can result in a shutdown and this could be disastrous for Trump, politically, but also, more importantly, for the nation. Democrats feel that the blame for any such dramatic consequence should be laid at Trump's door, fair and square.

This concern arises because the Democrats have not budged an inch from their stance that they will not support poor vote for any bill that okays spending for the border wall. They have made it abundantly clear that they will 'brick wall' any move that will offer the Oval Office more flexibility in this area.

Meanwhile, the suspense builds after Mick Mulvaney, Budget director, let slip that there is a possibility the president may not sign a spending bill that fails to give him exactly what he wants. If the Democrats hold a hard line position and so does the President, the result may well be a shutdown, which will not do any good for either party or the nation, as a whole. In what may be perceived as a silver lining, Mulvaney also pointed out that the bait of guarantee payments under the Affordable Care Act may persuade the Democrats to take a more favorable view of Trump's Mexican wall.

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