Presidential Debate Highlights

Hillary Clinton was clearly a winner in the presidential debate with her contender Donald Trump. They argued about gender and national security. Both of them appealed to voters. Clinton told them that Trump is disrespectful of women. Trump countered by saying that Clinton could not be trusted with nuclear weapons.

Presidential appearance

Trump was asked about a remark he had previously made of Clinton lacking a presidential appearance. He went further and said that she lacked the required stamina. Clinton, in her response highlighted a few achievements during her tenure of being US Secretary of State and said that Trump could talk about stamina when he accomplished what she has. She said that the real estate billionaire had termed women dogs, pigs and slobs. In response, Trump replied that he could say “extremely rough” words to Clinton but had decided not to talk about it.

Opposition to Iraq war

Clinton attacked Trump’s claim of being opposed to the Iraq war. She reminded the audience about the public statements he had made in the past. Clinton said that far from Trump going against the Iraq invasion, he clearly supported it- and was clear about his support at that time. Trump flatly denied such claims. He said that such a suggestion is actually mainstream media nonsense. The Republican told his audience that his temperament is his biggest asset.

Russian connection

Clinton was not shy of pulling any punches when she accused Trump of praising Vladimir Putin, the Russian President. She lamented that Trump has invited Russia to hack into US communication networks. Trump simply shook his head in response and said that he does not think that anybody is cognizant of Russia hacking Democratic organizations. He also wondered that the attacker could be China or only one overweight American genius working from home.

Nuclear codes

When Clinton gave the suggestion that she was worried about Trump obtaining access to US nuclear codes. She also mocked the secret plan as envisaged by the latter. She assured US allies that America will honor all its international commitments. She said that Trump’s comments during the presidential campaign have shocked a few US allies.

Birther problem

When questioned about the conspiracy theory which gave doubts to whether the president was born in the United States, Trump at first tried to blame Clinton. He told that the latter tried to get a birth certificate. Clinton said that Trump has started his political shenanigans on the big lie that the first black president of the United States was not a US citizen.

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