Pressure mounts on Republicans to disclose Trump’s Tax Returns

Coming on the heels of all the rumors, conjecture and facts about the interactions that members of Trump’s staff had with the Russians during the presidential campaign, the Democrats are intensifying their call for a full disclosure of Donald Trump’s tax returns. In a move that was quite in contrast with previous presidential candidates, Trump refused to disclose his tax records and has steadfastly maintained that he cannot do so because they are under Federal audit. Experts are of the opinion that a Federal audit does not prevent him from disclosing his tax returns in any way.

Proof of conflicts of interest may be evident through tax returns

The Democrats are keen on getting the tax returns disclosed because they believe these returns could throw out some links to show a conflict of interest from Trump’s businesses. This could become solid grounds for the Democrats rally against the President. The fact that the IRS has already made it clear that it is quite willing to release them to the public has only added to the clamor for full disclosure.

Russian connection intensifies the clamor

The allegations of the Trump presidential campaign team talking with the Russians and discussing the elections has only served to make the Democrats keener to get the tax returns publicly disclosed. It is their stance now that the disclosure is necessary in light of the ‘critical implications for national security’ that such allegations have. In the past weeks, interactions between U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Russian ambassador have already come to light.

Part of the duties of the Senate Finance Committee

Two Democrat lawmakers are spearheading the call at the moment. Senator Debbie Stabenow and Senator Ron Wyden have written to the Senate Finance Committee Chairman and asked him to look into the matter and peruse the president’s tax returns. The Hatch and House Ways and Means Committee has already rejected a similar request made last week by Democrats. The Committee’s stance was that targeting the tax returns of individuals would be a misuse of authority on its part.

However, the Democrat lawmakers are pointing out that the Senate Finance Committee has, earlier, asked individuals to disclose tax returns, for instance, in the case of Enron Corp executives. They want the Senate to base a call for Trump’s tax returns and a perusal of the same on this precedent.

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