Price to fix American Healthcare


To any physician, it may seem that US healthcare reforms go around in circles. Employer centric coverage started during the 1940s. Medicaid and Medicare were created during the 1960s. The 1970s saw the ascent of health maintenance organizations. Between all of them was the rapid Medicare expansion during the 90’s. The issue of universal coverage got periodic proposals. All such delivery systems of healthcare have been then since revised and reviewed.

Sorry state of the ACA

Cut to the present day. Congress is debating the method to repeal, repair or even replace Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. The 2010 law became the focus of much political battles. There is however, a solution to all these troubles in the horizon. Tom Price, a Congressman and also a medical doctor has been confirmed by US Senate. It is hoped that he receives constructive feedback over health reforms which he has himself championed during the period he spent in Washington.

Dr. Price is slated to be the maiden physician to administer Health and Human Services with the last 30 years. His public record speaks volumes about his legislative reforms. He has goals for administering the agency after his appearance before two confirmation hearings by the Senate. Congress has an excellent opportunity to legislate a number of healthcare reforms. The body can do so in a bipartisan manner. Dr. Price can implement them.

Insurance based healthcare

With the onset of insurance centric healthcare system of the present day, a common theme persists: policies are made with good intentions in mind and they carry merit, administrative burdens are shifted on to both consumers and doctors. The result is a bloating and frustrated bureaucracy. Modern healthcare’s worst aspects were solved by Affordable Care Act – the most notable among them is the creation of a mechanism which people suffering from pre-existing conditions can obtain vital insurance coverage. Individuals having lower incomes could similarly obtain coverage primarily through Medicaid expansion.

The problem with the ACA is that it involved yet another coat of frustration and bureaucracy. It also disrupted the US insurance industry. It also affected medical care access- and not in a positive way. Premium increases went up by double digits. The rise in government mandates affected consumers and businesses as well. Physicians are affected by identical problems and they become compelled to abandon the patient relationships that were present for years. They are forced to accept an increasing number of hassles just to comply with expensive systems and which do not always advance better patient care.

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