Professional Diversity Network Reports Partnership with Phala Network | Financial Buzz

Professional Diversity Network Reports Partnership with Phala Network

Professional Diversity Network, Inc. (NASDAQ: IPDN) announced a partnership with Phala Network.  Phala Network provides private computations on the cloud in regards to Trusted Execution Environment and blockchain.  It offers generalized computing at public cloud scale, including a property of base-layer privacy.  Currently there are numerous applications built on Phala. 

Professional Diversity Network develops and operators online and in-person networks that provide access to training, networking, educational and employment opportunities for diverse professionals.  The company provides clients a method to identify and acquire diverse talent and aid them with their efforts to recruit diverse employees. 

Blockchain technology is touted for its decentralization and irreversible features that highlight secured transactions over consensus algorithms.  A major drawback is its lack of confidentiality, this is where Phala Network kicks in as the technology of Trusted Execution Environment creates a Privacy Cloud Platform that may process general-purpose computing with Turing-completeness. 

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