Prosecutors push for 12-year sentence for Samsung Scandal

South Korean prosecutors had asked an appellate court on Wednesday to sentence former Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman, Lee Jae-yong to 12 years in prison on five charges including bribery involving the former President.

Originally, Lee received a five year sentence in August for his crimes. Lee along with four former Samsung leaders were found guilty of bribes totaling $7.8 million between former President Park Geun-hye and Choi Soon-sil. Other charges included hiding assets abroad, embezzlement and perjury.

Choi, who owned multiple companies, funneled money from Lee to Park. The money funneled through the companies to the President were listed as donations and was used to help Lee successfully secure a leadership position within the company.

Lee originally faced a 12 year sentence, but the judge insisted on the mandatory minimum sentence of five years because Lee had not directly and actively demanded the President for favors and accept the bribes.

The prosecutors maintained their originally sentence demands for the other executives of 10 years while some face as low as four years. Prosecutors also demanded the party forfeit their $7.8 million in assets hidden aboard.

"Claiming the illegal sponsoring, including the purchase of a high-end steed and massive funding to Choi's foundations using its affiliates' assets, to be donations is an insult to true corporate philanthropy,” said Special prosecutor Park Young-soo.

 "The crime will leave Samsung with an inexpugnable blemish on its reputation," Park added.

Once again, Lee denied all claims brought forth by the prosecutors. Lee told the court that he had no intentions of gaining leadership after his father had been hospitalized for a heart attack.

The South Korean High Court is expected to rule on the appeal in January. The final verdict is expected to be announced on February 5.

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