Putin and the US Presidential election

If experts are to be believed, President Vladimir Putin of Russia is intent on influencing the United States presidential election in Russia’s favor. To do this, he will use relevant cyber warfare tactics and the strange admiration of Republican contender for US president-ship, Donald Trump, for him. If he really meddles in an American election, it will be the first for any foreign leader. 

The Russian President denies this. He has clearly stated that Russia has no interest in promoting one candidate over the other. Putin has said that Russia will accept whoever is elected by the American people and will work with the new President. He said that he hopes that this individual will go for better US-Russia relations. Such relations will help to create a secure world.

There is ample evidence, however, that Putin is meddling in the election. Russian hackers have already hacked the servers of Democratic National Committee during summer. As per government authorities, federal investigators has found ample evidence that Russian hackers have breached the DNC server firewall. Analysts are also disturbed that much of the hacked information was provided to Wikileaks- an act which led Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the DNC Chairwoman, her job. This act also handed Trump an issue which he will use to the maximum during next two months.

Putin has suggested that the American elections are rigged- an assertion echoed by Trump himself. Experts are of the belief that the Russian President, who is a former spy, has taken advantage of technology. President Putin knows that Trump is a political rookie and has left no stone unturned to make sure that Russia regains its place again in the world.

While it is doubtful that an outsider can actually rig a presidential election to a certain outcome, many will be aghast to learn that someone is even trying to do so. Susan Hennessey of Brookings Institute holds the opinion that this is an unprecedented interference. She believes that operatives loyal to the Russian President have manipulated elections in Russia via computer hacking and other dirty tricks- and are trying to do the same in the US.

According to Joseph DeThomas of School of International Affairs of Penn State, and former US ambassador, it is not a first that American politics have been examined by foreign intelligence agencies. The Cold War period has seen substantial mutual political espionage.

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