Putin shrugs off US hacking allegations

President Vladimir Putin of Russia disregarded threats made by the United States to counter attack against the so-called Russian hackers. The Russian Premier said that such actions only highlighted the fact that the American administration uses cyber-attacks to achieve political objectives.

US-Russia sparring

Joe Biden, the Vice President of the United States, told an American media news channel previously that the US is in the process of sending out a message to Putin. He also warned that the US will retaliate against Russia when it chooses to do so. He also underlined the fact this action will be done when it will achieve maximum impact.

President Putin spoke at a summit in Goa, India. The Russian Premier said that he believed that allegations of hacking were principally campaign rhetoric promoted by White House. He added that the hopes for an improvement of bilateral ties after elections get over. Washington has accused Russia of cyber attacking Democratic Party organizations. The presidential elections are set to occur on November 8.

The Russian Foreign Ministry on October 13 accused the President Obama led US administration of destroying the bilateral relations in run-up to elections. He alleged that America’s level of anti-Russian propaganda is beginning to cross all sane limits. The American government in October had formally accused Russia of orchestrating a series of cyber-attacks against Democratic Party offices.

US administrative failures

Putin has his words down pat when he mentioned that the Obama administration is trying to play Russian card during the present election campaign. It is being done, he said, to turn away the attention of American voters from the failures of the present administration. The Russian supremo then listed a series of US failures, like large state debts, weak Middle East diplomacy and unsatisfactory relations with existing allies in the region. The Russian President told the Goa audience comprising of leaders from South Africa, Brazil, China and India that they can expect anything from the Americans. He said that they did not do anything new. He mentioned that it is public knowledge that official sections of the American government eavesdrop and spy on everyone.

Putin reassured his audience that Russia is not going for any kind of confrontation. On the contrary, he said, his country would go on to search for a common ground. Russia would also like to cooperate in solving global problems which confront both the United States and Russia. 

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