Putnam Announces Distribution Rates for Closed-End Funds

The Trustees of The Putnam Funds have announced Section 19 Disclosure
has been added to the following distribution declared on the June 29,
2018 press release.





Putnam Master Intermediate Income Trust
(NYSE:PIM) (CUSIP: 746909-10-0)

Putnam Managed Municipal Income Trust
(NYSE:PMM) (CUSIP: 746823-10-3)

Putnam Municipal Opportunities Trust
(NYSE:PMO) (CUSIP: 746922-10-3)

Putnam Premier Income Trust (NYSE:PPT)
(CUSIP: 746853-10-0)

Section 19 Disclosure

Putnam Managed Municipal Income TrustPutnam estimates that
$0.0284 per share of Putnam Managed Municipal Income Trust’s dividend is
paid from accumulated net investment income, and $0.0005 per share
represents a nontaxable return of capital. These estimates and the
sources of the fund’s dividends and distributions are determined in
accordance with accounting principles applicable to the fund. These
principles may vary from those applicable to the characterization of
distributions under federal tax law and, accordingly, federal tax law
treatment will likely vary from the estimated characterization above. In
addition, the sources of dividends are estimated at the time of
declaration. Actual results will vary from these estimates. A
non-taxable return of capital, if any, cannot be determined until after
the end of the fund’s fiscal year. In January 2019, you will receive
final information as to the federal tax status of this and other
distributions from the fund in the preceding calendar year.

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